I started this trip on 17th December 2009 with a clear vision that I want to volunteer in Kenya for a couple of months and then go home and get a job and live my life somehow. A year after that I’m still here, working on a program called Map Kibera and starting in a leading role in an upcoming program called Map Mathare. In the meantime I’ve freelance mapped the Sublocation of Wongonyi in Taita Hills, mapped the polling stations on Mount Elgon for the National Democratic Institute, trained surveyors of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) in Swaziland on how to collect geographic data, held mapping parties in Mukuru, Kwale, Diani Beach, Karura Forest, and at International Livestock Research Institute, and travelled to Tanzania, Malawi, all over Kenya and back home to Slovenia.

I’ve never written a blog before but coming to all those places and hearing people saying:”We have googled you and you’re nowhere to be found” made me realize I need some sort of a presence on the net.  The work I’m doing is in some way uniqe and I thought people might be interested to read about it or even, not to be too complacent, learn, as I’m learning every day.



One Response to “About”

  1. Sem si ogledala tvojo veb stran .Super ti recem .Upam da ti ni bilo za bozic prevec dolg cas,ker mi je mami rekla da so tvoji kolegi sli v Ameriko.se enkrat lep bozic in srecno novo leto ti zelimo mi vsi.Ves kar veckrat pogledamo tvoje slike prav fajn pa ce je tvoja dusa tam najdla zadovoljstvo ti zelimo vso sreco.Enkrat ko se bo dalo te pridemo obiskat seveda ce bos zelel.Se naprej se imej lepo in javi se nam.Cao!!!

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